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Q. What hobbies and recreational activities should I avoid?

A. For people with back or neck pain, the answer to this question is "It depends." It depends on the stress of the activity you have in mind, and the type of back or neck problem you have. Most people can return to hobbies and activities they enjoy by getting warmed up first. You should begin in a gradual, guided manner to avoid injury and complications. Be aware of your limitations and safety. Avoid activities that strain your spine or increase your pain.

Walking is one of the best activities you can do throughout and beyond your rehabilitation. The natural trunk motion helps flush out any swelling or extra chemicals that can build up and cause pain. Walking provides safe weight bearing for your joints, and helps you manage day-to-day stress. Swimming is also an excellent activity choice. The buoyancy of the water lowers stress on your joints and enables you to move more freely.
As with any system of exercises, consult your doctor or PT first.

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