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office location

4735 Ogletown-Stanton Road
Suite 1104
Medical Arts Pavillion II
Newark, DE 19713

Phone: 302-738-1100
Fax: 302-738-0600
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Q. As long as I have therapy I feel better. Can I keep coming once each week?

A. Some of the treatments your physical therapist (PT) uses are designed to give you relief from your symptoms. It is hoped that your treatments will give you a longer and longer period of relief between your scheduled visits. As you show steady signs of improvement in controlling symptoms and doing home exercises, your PT will schedule your visits further apart. The goal is to help you learn to manage your condition, even in the unfortunate event that your symptoms do not go away completely. Eventually, you may only need a visit every so often to refresh your exercises and to go over any new concerns you may have. Otherwise, people do not usually continue physical therapy on an ongoing basis.

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